The company has a worldwide agent network and non-vessel carrier qualification. Our multimodal transport plan uses sea and air transport instead of a single transport mode, which not only saves costs, but also guarantees reasonable transportation time. The use of sea and air transport can also help to minimize the storage costs of destinations.

All multimodal transport modes remain integrated within our global network, systems and operational procedures and are supported by our global transportation network from start to finish.

Shorter transit times and better performance

Multimodal transport is transported in the middle of normal air and sea transport time on the same route, saving up to 50% in time compared to shipping. The Asian route was chosen as the transport buffer, and the transit time was similar to that of air transport, but it was better because it had more space available.

Simplified transport document

Our air and sea transport uses only one transport document, and all shipping and transshipment costs are included in the rate per kilogram.